We did this trip during Spring and summer  2014: London to Mongolia (and back!), via Central Asia, following the
ancient Silk Road.

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in my blog - from April 2014.

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See map below for our itinerary. On our back, we  took the trans-siberian train (with our bikes) from Irkutsk to

Choice of bikes: a couple of very old Hondas XR125L bought cheaply off eBay...
Scroll down for  FAQs and photos.
Why Mongolia?
Why not... the open spaces, lack of roads... and some inspiration from the annual Mongol Rally!

Why such small bikes?
Once we run out of (perfect) tarmac, they will be brilliant. In south America, our BMWs were way too heavy and
we simply couldn't ride some trails and visit some places because of that. When we rented little bikes in Vietnam
we realised how easy it was to do donkey trails on little light bikes.
Also if one of them get damaged beyond repairs, we can abandon it, as it is cheap!
Aren't you afraid of thieves / terrorists / bad people etc...?
In our experience, 99% of people are good and keen to help. We will try to stay away from bad people and usually
follow our gut feeling. The main danger is terrible driving skills in some countries....

Have you booked hotels and places to stay (along or all the way)?
No we can't. Due to the nature of our travelling, we are at the mercy of weather, roads open of closed,
break-downs.... We need to keep our time table and itinerary as flexible as possible. For example we are not
going via Ukraine but Georgia instead. If we have to change that, maybe via Azerbaijan...

If not, where are you going to sleep?
Wherever we can find... Where there are people there will be a place to rent or garden where we can pitch our

Do you carry lots of food?
We will carry a bit depending where. In remote places like Mongolia, we will have to carry extra fuel, food and
water to last few days and we will buy whatever we can find and carry.

Do you carry camping gear?
Yes we do. In some countries getting from one town/village to the next could be long distance. In Mongolia even
more so. We need camping  gear.

What will you do if you break down or have a puncture?
We will repair it or find a workshop for help. In case the bike cannot get anywhere, it is easy enough to stop a
truck and put the bike on the back.
Prophetic that one! One of our engine blew up in the middle of nowhere in
Uzbekistan.... we dealt with it! See
blog for details.

Do you carry lots of tools and spare parts?
We carry the tools we need to work on these bikes and a puncture repair kit, as well as few essential parts (like

Where will you find tyres or parts?
We found them on the way! They're motorbikes not spaceships :)

What about visas?
We used an agency to obtain the multi-entry business visa for Russia and for the Kazakh visa. Alistair did the leg
work for the other embassies.