2016: another summer riding across Russia and central Asia again!

We rode our Enduro bikes across Europe, Russia, exploring some of the Northern territories, before making our
waysto Siberia and the Altai. We then rode across Kazakhstan and explored further Kyrgyzstan. Scroll down for a
rough map of our ride, pictures and FAQs.

You can read the details on
my blog - from April 2016.

Alternatively, you can read my complete trip report in ADVRider: LINK HERE

What bikes this time?
We rode a TTR250 (Alistair) while I had a XT250. Both Yamaha (see photo above!).

How did you organising this trip?
I (Maria) dealt with all the logistic, organisation, communications (website, blog, discussions), itinerary,
investigations, paperwork (visas) and pretty much everything else as well as learning some Russian, while Alistair
was in charge of the bikes (repairs, getting them ready etc...) GPS and getting the house sorted. It works well that
way! I am very good at organising trips, while Alistair is very good at preparing and repairing the bikes, and
picking  up mine when I "throw" it on the floor!

What was the plan?
Loosely go East then tour Northern Russia as much as we could, and explore the Ural and Altai regions. Explore
further Kyrgyzstan and try to get into Tajikistan. We failed 2 years ago due to riots in the Pamir. Those troubles
were now sorted and the Pamir region was opened to tourists.

Why such small bikes? They are only 250cc... not really adventure bikes?
Well, this is where you are wrong. These bikes are enduro bikes and can easily ride through mud, rivers, sand
and anything in between, unlike much heavier and bigger bikes. they are the equivalent of 4X4 cars. Also the
engine size is sufficient in term of speed, we did not need to go at 120mph in trails! They were perfect and very

Did you have the full trip booked?
No, nothing is booked in any of our trips, apart from the ferry out of Harwich, and the truck that brought back our
bikes from Kyrgyzstan, as well as our plane tickets to flight back.

You have a question? Send me an email! :)