Aluminium panniers, MoTech frame

- Hepco&Becker 42l. Gobi top Box

- Additional Ortlieb roll bag each for the camping gear

Protection and kit:
- MoTech Crash Bars

- Ermax windshield (for Maria)

- Head lamp protector from motorworks

- Fork gaiters & Radiator cover from Touratech

- Custom made seat from (for Maria's bike: I had them to scoop out the foam and replace it by a gel seat, lowering the
standard BMW seat height by about 4cms (1'' 1/2). The seat is very thin and flat but very comfy on long distance riding.
I totally recommend this
company. Always excellent service and craft.

- 139dB horn (the standards ones are pathetic!)

- The bikes are already fitted with power socket, heated grips and ABS

- I replaced the original shock on my GS by a WP (ex-white power) one and the bike rebalanced. I got this done by  MCTechnic   Suspensions.  
They have been dealing with Travellers requests and were very competent. On the Dakar they only adjusted the fork springs by inserting a small
piece of metal, so that the springs are tighter. The rear shock in the dakar is better quality.

- Sheep skin (over the seats)

Parts checked / replaced before leaving:

- Replaced the waterpump shaft and seals

- replaced battery on both bikes

- Changed all body fluids (oil, coolant and brake fluid)

- Changed oil filter & spark plugs

- Changed the wheel bearings

- Changed the Sump plug (metal very soft and ends up round!)

- Fitted a washable air filter

- Valves clearances and replaced shims

- Fitted fork gaiters on the dakar - Touratech fork protectors on the GS

- Removed and greased all seized bolts and nuts (everything that should move should ... well... move)

- Checked electrics

- Fitted centre stand on the Dakar